Solar Bore Pumps: Benefits and Applications

When you run a farm, have animals or any other reason to transport water from one location to another easily, having a quality water pump is essential. One option that is ideal for these particular needs is the solar bore pump. While there are also electrical options, there are quite a few benefits offered when you choose a solar powered option. Ability to Reach Out-of-the-Way Places Perhaps the biggest benefit offered when you choose a solar bore pump is the ability to reach areas on your land or farm that are not reachable by the power lines.

Types of Water Tests That Are Available for Homes and Why They're So Important

Water tests are not done just for city water supplies, and many labs will work with homeowners to test various samples of water. This type of water testing can be very critical for those who own wells or septic systems, to ensure that nothing has been contaminated and that a home's water is safe for drinking and bathing. You may not know the types of tests that are available for your home's water and why they're so important, so note the following.